Our Milestones

In May 2016

the company announced memorandum of understanding in relation to the acquisition of Jiaqi Network Holdings Ltd, planning to explore tourist industry.

In July 2015

the company sold out its ownership of Feng Shan Village Qian Xing Mining Industry Company Ltd, focusing on developing new business.

In June 2015

the company acquired 51% equity interests of Best Sky Holdings Ltd and expanded business into landscape engineering and earthwork construction.

In April 2015

the company completed the acquisition of nearly 82% shares of Yenbo Gain Ltd, and developed its business into forestry.

In April 2011

the company merged 100% shares of Linkful Wise Group Holdings Ltd and began to operate the commercial and residential properties in Leshan city, Sichuan province, entering into China’s real estate industry.

In January 2009

after acquiring 51% equity interests of Feng Shan Village Qian Xing Mining Industry Company Ltd, the company diversified its business into mineral resources industry.

In November 2008

the new name of Great World Company Holdings Ltd was approved by EGM and started to use.

In December 1999

named as T S Telecom, the company was successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with stock code of 8003.

In 1991

Great World Company Holdings Ltd (established as T S telecom Technologies Limited) was a telecommunication system solution provider, and started to offer product solutions to telecommunication operators in Greater China Region, including mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.